Yakuza: Like A Dragon is out now


Those Japanese mobsters with hearts of gold return today for a new adventure in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Sega’s RPG series takes a slightly different turn with this new entry, switching out the beat ’em up combat for some turn-based action.

Set in the city of Yokohama, Like A Dragon is moving on from good old Kiryu to introduce newbie Ichiban Kasuga. In an unsurprising turn for these Yakuza lads, Kasuga’s story is set up by a spot of betrayal.

“Like a Dragon presents a bold new RPG direction that pays off in spades,” Ed wrote in his Yakuza: Like A Dragon review. “It’s a great entry point, yet still an excellent adventure for long term fans.”

If you haven’t played Yakuza, it’s basically Melodrama: The Game, with a bunch of weird and wonderful minigames thrown in. Like A Dragon is continuing this trend, with shouty shareholder meetings, go-kart racing, karaoke and loads more.

There are so many games coming out this month from cool series I’ve barely played! Between Yakuza and Assassin’s Creed it looks like I’ve got a backlog to keep me entertained for at least the next year.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is available right now on the Microsoft Store, priced at £55/€60/$60.
It’s supposed to be arriving on Steam today too, but it seems to be taking its sweet time getting there.

If you plan on buying Like A Dragon today, bear in mind there are a few reports of players being unable to download the DLC packs that come with the (slightly more expensive) Hero and Legendary Hero Editions.

Sega haven’t published a list of known bugs or issues just yet, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the website or developer RGG Studio’s Twitter if you’re having problems.

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