Xbox Series X controllers are already $20 off for Black Friday


The Xbox Series X may have only just come out, but Best Buy have already shaved $20 off its new controller for Black Friday, bringing prices for Microsoft’s new game pad down to just $40. That’s great news for PC folk in the US, as it means you can now grab a new Series X controller to use with your PC for much less than its usual $60 asking price.

Alas, you’ll have to pay a teensy bit more if you want the official ‘Shock Blue’ model of the Xbox Series X controller, but you still get the full $20 off its usual price just like the black and white models. Indeed, their new price cut actually makes them all cheaper than Best Buy’s current crop of regular Xbox One controllers, so you might as well treat yourself to one of the upgraded ones if you’re in need of a new PC pad.

The Xbox Series X pad is very similar to the original Xbox One controller in terms of size and overall shape, but it has several key refinements that make it much more pleasant to use. For starters, the d-pad is a lot more defined than the old one, mimicking the design of the Xbox Elite controller, and it has a new grippy texture underneath to make it less slippery. Microsoft have also improved the latency on the new Series X controller over Bluetooth, and its new USB-C charging cable should be much less prone to breaking than the old micro-USB one.

Finally, you get its dedicated share button, making it much easier to capture screenshots and videos and post them online without having to deal with Microsoft’s game menu overlay. All in all, a much better controller for playing games on PC than the old Xbox One version.

Alas, it doesn’t look like there are any deals on Sony’s Dualsense 5 controller just yet, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled during the week for any more controller discounts. In the mean time, be sure to check out our regularly updated Black Friday mega hub for all your Black Friday deals needs, or check out our dedicated component hubs (linked below) if you’re after something specific.

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