WWE Supercard Season 7: Top 5 key new features and changes


(Pocket-lint) – WWE Supercard has grown enormously since its introduction for Android and iOS in 2014. It’s community is massive and the game itself has changed significantly in all those years.

We’ve been playing it ourselves since Season 2 and continue to daily, so jumped at the chance to get a sneak peek at the changes coming with a Season 7 update this week.

Many of them are significant too – with new abilities, techniques, card tiers (of course) and more. Here then are the big changes coming to WWE Supercard and a brief explainer of the game for newcomers.

What is WWE Supercard?

WWE Supercard is a mobile card battle game featuring the wrestling superstars past and present who appear on WWE’s weekly programming: Raw, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK.

Players build a deck of superstars, both male and female, to battle both AI and PVP opponents in the ring across a number of different game modes. The superstars each have a number of key statistics based on their real-life counterparts and can be trained to be more powerful, have equipment added, form tag teams and more.

They are also available across multiple tiers, with new tiers of more powerful cards being released throughout the calendar year – therefore always giving regular players ways to improve their decks and constantly strive to have the best collection.

Teams of players can also be formed – much like clans – to battle other teams and win new cards. While all cards can also be won in nigh-on every game mode, by collecting them from hidden draft picks. Every so often, a card from the player’s current tier will be awarded to help them advance.

Each battle itself plays out a bit like a more complicated game of Top Trumps. A superstar’s stats will be compared to their opponent’s and the one with the highest value wins. There is a lot more to it than that, but that’s essentially the basics.

WWE Supercard is available for iOS on the Apple App Store here, and Android on Google Play here. You can also download it for Amazon Fire tablets here.

Now onto the key new features for Season 7…

WWE Supercard Season 7: New tiers

As with former seasonal updates, three new tiers are being introduced with Season 7: Bio-Mechanical, Swarm and Behemoth. They are increasingly more powerful in that order.

Not including event cards, which will be added later, the Bio-Mechanical tier is made up of 164 initial cards, as is Swarm, while Behemoth has an initial 152 superstars in the set.

The game is also resetting the bottom tier (which was Beast in Season 6) to Gothic.

One extra new tier feature – Collections – can be found in the game’s Catalog. This year, attaining a set of specific cards in one tier will reward you a new card in a higher tier. For example, collect the Swarm versions of Xavier Woods, The Boogeyman, Shinsuke Nakamura, Edge, Nikki Cross and Naomi and you can claim a random Behemoth card.

WWE Supercard Season 7: Techniques

As well as the usual Power, Toughness, Speed, Charisma and Ability stats, each superstar is now assigned a Technique based on his or her real-world style. These techniques can modify some of the bonuses or outcomes of the next match that superstar is involved in.

This means that even though you might lose a match (in any game mode), you could gain a better chance to win the next one, no matter the opponent.

For example, a brawler (such as Roman Reigns or Kane) could have the Reversal Technique and get a 15 per cent chance to instantly replay a loss with a different stat match-up.

Note though, a pro’d card can only have one Technique and you might be combining two cards with separate Techniques (as they are randomly assigned based on their style types). You will be asked, in that case, to choose which to assign.

Techniques can also be improved by playing matches, or swapped through shuffling (which costs credits).

It adds more variety to the game for sure.

WWE Supercard Season 7: Card stats

This is an easy one. Over the years, cards have become ridiculously powerful, with each tier having increased stats over the last. This means that while the game originally started with stats listed in the 100s, the last tier of Season 6 – SummerSlam 20 – could be levelled up and pro’d to have stats in the millions.

This makes it much harder to instantly judge whether he or she will win a battle against a rival card. Developer Cat Daddy is therefore truncating stats going forward – making sure that cards have no more than four numbers per stat on screen at once.

That means a card that would have had 3,800,000 as a stat rating, will now be listed as 3.800M. They do not lose any power, it just makes it much easier to read at a glance. Stats under a million are truncated to the nearest 100,000.

WWE Supercard S7: PVP

A major change to the way the game modes work can be found in a new PVP section on the homepage.

In here, you see all the PVP game modes available at the same time: War, Royal Rumble, Women’s Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Women’s Elimination Chamber. You can pick to play any of them, as long as you have an available bout. You will be rewarded with momentum and SuperCoins accordingly (depending on the game mode).

So, if you want to blitz through games more quickly, you can chose to use your bouts in War, but you’ll get less momentum points and SC than, say, Royal Rumble. Draft picks can also vary based on the mode you choose.

Basically, you no longer have to wait for Cat Daddy’s cycle to get to the game mode you enjoy most.

WWE Supercard Season 7: SuperMove

One final major feature that could make a big difference in matches is SuperMove.

During a bout, your cards power up a new SuperMove Energy meter. It will continue to be filled across game modes and matches.

When full, it can be unleashed during a match you look to be losing to turn the tide. Maybe reducing the amount of times you need to force quit.

WWE Supercard Season 7: Other new features and tweaks

There will be some other new features and tweaks that we haven’t been able to see in the demo build we had access to. These include the new WarGames event mode, which will not be available with the initial Season 7 update but is coming in December 2020.

However, we can tell you that it will require both male and female decks, with 16 top cards in each.

We can also tell you that there is a new Draft Picks section of the homepage, so you don’t have to play a bout just to get draft picks you might have been unable to claim (say, you had too many cards in your deck already).

Speaking of which, card limits are identical to Season 6: 400 superstars/support, 100 equipment, 100 enhancements.

Another big change comes with the rewards ladder, although that kept crashing for us (was an early build after all). According to Cat Daddy, you will no longer have to play 15,000 games just to get a reward at the top end of the scale.

And finally, we didn’t get to see much of the final store or how SuperCoins can be spent. But we’ll be happy to find out along with every other player on Wednesday 18 November 2020 when Season 7 is finally available. We’ll see you there.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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