WD’s fastest 1TB NVMe SSD drops to £100 for Black Friday


The Black Friday SSD deals have been positively roasting so far this week, particularly when it comes to WD’s NVMe drives. First we saw huge discounts on their stonkingly good Blue SN550 drive, and now Amazon and Ebuyer have been doing battle over the 1TB Black SN750, dropping prices to £100 to beat its previous Prime Day deal of £120. As such, this is the cheapest this premium NVMe drive has ever been, and a much better buy than the £151 Samsung 970 Evo Plus.

Of course, the eagle-eyed among you will have probably noticed that the 1TB WD Black SN750 had already dropped to £105 earlier in the week, so today’s dip of another £5 isn’t particularly huge in the grand scheme of things. However, this drive would have set you back between £125-140 before last Friday, so it’s still a decent saving overall – particularly compared to its previous Prime Day low of £120. It’s also worth celebrating that Ebuyer have now matched Amazon’s £100 price, giving you another buying option if you’d rather not spend at Amazon.

Besides, the 1TB Black SN750 is arguably the best value capacity of the lot at the moment, as the 500GB model is more or less sold out everywhere we’ve looked, and the 250GB version is still at a pricey £51 at both Ebuyer and Amazon. As a result, you’re definitely getting a lot more storage for your money with this 1TB version.

Of course, the bestest best 1TB NVMe Black Friday deal is still on its Blue SN550 sibling, which can be had for an incredibly good £80 over at CCL Online. It was previously £80 on Amazon as well, but has since gone back up to a less good £87. Alas, Ebuyer still have it for £90, making CCL the best place to buy at time of writing.

In our eyes, the SN550 will probably do you just fine if you’re looking to save money, but performance fiends may well consider the SN750 the better buy. Indeed, in Katharine’s testing, she found that the SN750 has an important trick up its sleeve to help bring it in line with Samsung’s even nippier 970 Evo Plus. Download WD’s SSD Dashboard software, flick a switch to enable its ‘Gaming Mode’ option and it’ll squeeze some extra performance out of it so it almost matches the speeds of its Samsung rival. Not bad, considering said Samsung drive will set you back another £50 at the moment.

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