Warzone finally nukes Verdansk, and nearly fries its own servers in the process


(Pocket-lint) – Call of Duty: Warzone finally began the long-awaited process of renewing its map last night, treating players to a limited-time game mode that culminated in the destruction of Verdansk by tactical nuke. 

The event was initially plagued by server issues on Activision’s side, however, with hordes of players unable to access the event. A canny fix from developer Raven Software saw player counts reduced from 150 to 100, which seemed to deal with the bottleneck and allow most people access.

Titled “The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1”, the event had players fleeing from a horde of zombies across the whole map, and turning into those monsters if they died. After ten or so minutes, with Juggernaut suits in play, the same conclusion was reached no matter what players tried – Verdansk being destroyed in a short cut-scene. 

A haunting piano soundtrack throughout also showed that someone at Raven definitely remembered the opening credits of World War Z – the music was amusingly similar to the Muse track that movie employed. 

After the game mode expired players were left to a new version of the smaller Rebirth Island map set at night-time, while Raven prepares to launch the new version of Verdansk, which is set in the 1980s.

That map will launch in another live event coming very soon – at 8PM UK time (or 12PM PT) on April 22nd, and players will be eager for it to unlock the main battle royale mode once more.

Meanwhile, almost in the background, the Season 3 battle pass has launched with new weapons and operators to unlock and equip, including the new PPSH submachine gun, a favourite from World War 2-era CODs of the past. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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