This Portal mod will let you travel through time to solve puzzles


(Pocket-lint) – We’ve seen no signs of a new Portal game appearing anytime soon. Yet despite its age Portal 2 still manages to be popular.

With over 200,000 positive reviews and approximately 3,000 gamers playing it at any given time, it’s clear that people like using portals to solve puzzles. 

If you’ve completed the games though and are hungering for more, then there’s good news as this upcoming mod has a load of new Portal content to enjoy.

That not only includes 25 new puzzles, unique puzzle mechanics and more, but also another kind of portal gun. That’s a gun that fires time portals. 

That’s right, with Portal Reloaded, you’ll be able to solve puzzles in four dimensions.

While the original portal guns are still present, the new one (which fires green rectangular portals) will let you travel between two different timelines. One of those timelines is the present time, the other 20 years in the past. 

We’ve no doubt this new portal type will lead to some interesting puzzle-solving situations and a lot of head-scratching trying to fathom how it works. 

We are thoroughly intrigued. If you are too, then head over to the Steam store to find out more and add it to your wishlist. Unfortunately, it’s not releasing until April 2021. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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