This £169 Mandalorian Xbox controller looks like it’s made of beskar steel


(Pocket-lint) – Soon, you will be able to game like a Mandalorian, thanks to the latest special-edition Xbox controller.

The premiere of the second season of The Mandalorian is only days away, and with that comes another piece of special merch from a galaxy far, far away. Microsoft has debuted a new Xbox Wireless Controller made to resemble the look of “beskar steel”. For those who don’t remember, beskar steel is an expensive material that makes up The Mandalorian’s powerful armour.


The new Xbox controller also features Mando’s signet, which he received in The Mandalorian season one finale. The controller also comes with a charging station that includes the same beskar steel design as well as the signature Mandalorian helmet over two crossed rifles.

This special-edition controller and charger work swith both existing Xbox One consoles and the next-generation Xbox Series X and S console. They cost £169.99. That’s quite the markup from the regular price of an Xbox wireless controller with a charging stand. They also aren’t launching until 31 December 2020, so they’re not an option for the Mandalorian fans on your Christmas list.

Don’t forget season two of The Mandalorian premieres Friday 30 October 2020 on Disney+. All the trailers and rumours are rounded up here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Rik Henderson.

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