The Best 19 Beauty Tools to Gift for Mother’s Day 2021 — Clarisonic, Dyson, NuFace and More


For every person who’s willing to make her own face mask with edible ingredients from the pantry (break out the oatmeal and organic honey!), there’s another who embraces all beauty product technology. 

The following 17 beauty tools for hair and skin are the perfect tools to add to your skincare routine for that product lover — the one who wants a pimple-zapping wand and the hair dryer that broke the internet, but also seeks the best foundation blender around. These beauty tools are a no-brainer when it comes to adding to your daily skincare and beauty routine.

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, now is the time to shop for Mother’s Day gifts. We’ve rounded up all the cutting-edge breakthroughs in the skin and hair arenas and balanced out this Mother’s Day beauty shopping list with a few low-tech tools that are equally essential for all moms. These beauty tools make the perfect gift to your mother, mother in law, and new moms this Mother’s Day. 

Now, go ahead and put the oatmeal back where it belongs, already. Shop the best beauty tools of 2021 to improve your skincare routine ahead. 

We are not exaggerating when we say this hair tool is life-changing. In just a few minutes, you can give yourself a professional blowout at home — no frizzy mess, lots of volume!

This Clarisonic Mia Smart Anti-Aging Skincare Device and Facial Cleansing Brush is a favorite among all the beauty devices. The vibrating brush gives you a facial massage as it cleanses, firms, and lifts your skin. It will instantly improve your beauty routine no matter what your skin type is and can be used while you’re in the shower or bath.

Here’s an idea for the beauty product-loving mom: The Slip Silk Pillowcase. It’s a product Victoria Beckham loves — it’s not absorbent, so the night time beauty creams and treatments stay on your face and hair to work their magic instead of landing on your cotton pillow case.

Yes, it looks like something out of Black Mirror. But this from-the-future-looking face mask uses 162 red and blue LED bulbs to reduce wrinkles and clear acne in just three minutes a day.

With Gua Sha tools trending, this 3-in-1 kit is a must-have! This kit comes with a 100% Jade stone facial roller which many believe can increase blood circulation, reduce tension in your facial muscles, puffiness and dark circles.

If you go to a salon for microneedling, this derma roller can save you a lot of cash. This beauty tool is designed to help repair skin damaged by acne and some Amazon reviewers say it works wonders on their skin overnight. 

Be your own facialist with this skin-clearing device from L.A. wellness brand Skin Gym. The trio of electrodes kills acne-causing bacteria for a facial treatment that nips breakouts in the bud. It’s a one of those skincare tools that you’ll be glad you have at home.

A favorite among celebs and beauty influencers alike, the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device is one worth investing in if your biggest skin concern is loss of firmness and wrinkles. The FDA-cleared facial-toning device uses microcurrents to gently stimulate areas of the face and neck to improve the look of their contour, tone, fine lines and wrinkles in just five minute per day. All you need to do is apply the gel primer and glide the device along the facial contour and neck in an upward motion. 

The beauty industry is constantly innovating to create amazing skin care products and this FDA-cleared facial device is one of them. It uses a nano and microcurrent to increase cellular activity, activating skin-firming collagen and elastin when collagen production slows down. Shoppers who have reviewed the product say it leaves their skin fresher, tighter and less puffy.




Think of this as a massage tool for the face. In just four minutes, lift and tone the face with this vibrating gold bar that relaxes clenched muscles for a more sculpted chin and neck.



Have a friend who loves spa treatments but not the price of them? This at-home microdermabrasion kit includes an easy-to-use facial tool that works to clear away dead skin cells and reveal a healthy, glowing complexion.

The foundation blender that all beauty lovers must have! This beautyblender tool provides a smooth blend to enhance natural beauty without covering it up.

If your mom takes hair styling seriously, we are big fans of T3 hair appliances, like this versatile ceramic curling iron with three barrel sizes.

If you’ve been eyeing the acclaimed Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for a while now, this is the time to finally add to cart. According to the brand, using this hair dryer, which is specifically designed to protect the hair from extreme heat damage, will help boost smoothness and shine and decrease frizz and flyaways. This purchase includes Dyson-designed 1.4″ Round brush and Dyson-designed Detangling comb.
$399 AT DYSON ($465 VALUE)

Facial massage enhanced with a gua sha stone is the latest skin-firming and tension-reducing technique that in-the-know beauty experts are raving about.

Elevate your skincare routine with a facial steamer for a spa-like facial. The steamer only hydrates and decongests the skin, but it also preps it for optimal absorption of skincare products. Use after your face wash and before exfoliation, followed by your favorite toner, serum and moisturizer. This steamer is $25 with the coupon applied, while supplies last!


You don’t have to be a makeup artist to own a 6-piece makeup set. This one is complete with all the essential makeup brushes so you can look your best no matter where you’re going.

Protect your hair while getting a firm hold with these Slip Silk Srunchies.


Get quick results with this powerful NuFace slim toning device, which works to smooth out wrinkles as well as enhance the volume of your lips. Pop this Mascara-sized Skin Care Device in purse for whenever you need an instant pick me up — It firms, smooths, and tightens while you’re on the go.

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