Speaker Vos lays out ideas to curb COVID-19, says he will meet with the governor


MADISON (WQOW) – Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he is willing to sit down and speak with the governor about Republican ideas to slow the spread of COVID-19 but it doesn’t appear a meeting is on the books just yet.

Vos (R-Rochester) said Republicans were hoping to meet with Governor Tony Evers yet this week but the scheduling is still being worked out.

He said the governor’s ideas are just a rehash from this spring.

Vos said Republicans would like to see double the number of contact tracers and more rapid tests available. He also wants to look into a pilot program of at-home testing, an idea he says is being used in Minnesota.

Vos added one idea would be to have unemployment recipients and students in the medical field do contact tracing. He said the unemployment recipients would be paid in addition to their current benefits. Students would also be paid.

“We want to find ways to work together with Governor Evers,” Vos said. “We think some of his ideas are certainly workable, some are not, but I think that’s the point of negotiations. We put out our best ideas, he puts out things he supports and we see where common ground can be found to hopefully get a bill proposed and passed as quickly as we can.”

The speaker was asked why after eight months of the pandemic they only have ideas and not a bill proposed. Vos said the election season kept them from getting it done earlier.

He went on to say people in Wisconsin don’t care about timelines, like when Republicans will meet with the governor, they only care about the end results.

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