Samsung’s ultrawide CRG9 monitor gets an ultra hefty discount for Black Friday


Hot on the heels (legs? Stand?) of the 240Hz C27RG come even more Samsung gaming monitors hitting the Black Friday sales. The most eye-catching is the gargantuan Samsung CRG9, an almost amusingly large ultrawide monitor that’s dropped to a new all-time low of £890.

That might still sound like a lot, but then this is a curved, 49in, 32:9 display with a sharp 5120×1440 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, so the fact that it’s fallen below its usual price of £1100 is a pleasant surprise in itself. You’ll need a pretty muscular GPU to fill out all of those pixels, mind, and it should probably be an AMD one as the CRG9 supports FreeSync but is not currently one of Nvidia’s officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors (although Katharine had no problem using an Nvidia graphics card with it when she tested it last year.

There’s also a much more affordable ultrawide alternative in the Samsung SJ55W, which at 34in diagonally might also be friendlier to small desks. The resolution stays high at 3440×1440, and FreeSync support has made it aboard, too, though be warned that there are some compromises. The refresh rate, for instance, is only 75Hz, which won’t have the same smoothing effect as 120Hz —   though in fairness it’s still better than 60Hz.

If it’s a regular 16:9 monitor you’re after, meanwhile, then their 27in, 240Hz C27RG monitor deal from earlier in the week is still £70 off at the moment at £230, and their even more budget-oriented C27R500 monitor is also down to just £150 at the moment. This 27in, 1920×1080 monitor only has a standard 60Hz refresh rate, but you still get AMD FreeSync support for extra smooth, tear-free gaming.

Given that Black Friday itself is still a few days away, you can bet there’ll be more savings to be had, and not just on Samsung gear. Stay tuned to our Black Friday gaming monitor deals page and our Black Friday deals hub, where we’ll be collecting the very best discounts around.

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