Samsung’s CRG9 falls to its lowest price yet with this Cyber Monday code


Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals worth looking at, Samsung have swooped in with one last offer on their enormously wide CRG9. It’s been one of the many ultrawide monitors on sale during this seemingly never-ending Black Friday period, but Samsung are shaving an additional 10% off its already discounted £899 price with their own special promo code, taking this monitor down to an even more appealing £809.

All you need to do is apply the promo code ODYSSEY10 at checkout and you’ll get 10% off this 32:9 ultrawide display. The promo code technically works across the whole of Samsung’s Odyssey monitor range, but most of their other gaming monitors are now out of stock. The CRG9, on the other hand, is one of the few still standing in today’s Cyber Monday bonanza.

While not the most practical monitor on the planet, I do have a huge soft spot for this jumbo 120Hz, 5120×1440, DisplayHDR 1000 display, as it’s effectively two 27in, 1440p monitors in a single screen. It’s a real delight for playing the best ultrawide PC games, and I mean, just think of that spreadsheet potential as well. Oh my.

Naturally, with Cyber Monday drawing rapidly to a close (and stock levels ever dwindling), this discount isn’t likely to stick around long, and will definitely be gone by midnight tonight, so you don’t have much time to make use of it. Still, I’m almost half tempted myself if I’m honest, as the additional 10% means you’re getting almost £300 off its regular price of £1100. A true Cyber Monday bargain if ever I saw one.

Samsung’s monitors have been some of the big winners this deals season. On Black Friday itself, they brought back their popular 240Hz Odyssey G7 deal from Amazon Prime Day, dropping the price of the 27in model back down to just £430, while the larger 32in model went for just a bit more £500. Unsurprisingly, the 27in model sold like hot cakes, and went quickly out of stock at almost every retailer I could find selling it. The 32in model stuck around a little longer, but that, too, eventually got all snapped up.

There were also some sizeable discounts on several of their other gaming monitors, too, including the CRG9’s even curvier and 240Hz successor, the Odyssey G9, and many of their smaller 1080p displays. There are still a couple of them left in our Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals hub, but they’re all going pretty fast.

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