Samsung’s best SSDs are now cheaper than ever in Amazon’s Black Friday week deals


Black Friday may still be a week away, but Amazon UK have kicked off their Black Friday deals in earnest now, and several Samsung SSDs – both internal and external – have plummeted in price as a result, with some dropping to their lowest ever in the UK. The Samsung 970 Evo Plus is one to watch out for in particular: not only is it one of the fastest and best NVMe SSDs you can buy without getting into much more expensive PCIe 4.0 territory, but the 500GB model has dropped to just £70, while the 1TB version has been chopped down to £120, beating its previous Prime Day discount by £20.

Sticking with the internal side, the Samsung 860 Evo is also on sale across various capacities. This SATA drive is an oldie but a goodie – in fact, it’s still arguably the best of its kind, several years after launch – and at a freshly-dropped £53 (the same as it was over Prime Day) it’s a fine choice for budget PC builds. That said, it’s hard to look past the 2TB model, which is now down to a to new all-time low of £190. That’s less than 10p per gigabyte, and the cheapest that the 2TB version has been yet.

Alternatively, if you’re in need of something to store your game backups, the external Samsung T7 Portable SSD family is on sale too. That’s both the standard T7, a teeny USB 3.2 Gen 2 drive, and the T7 Touch, which adds an onboard fingerprint sensor to help prevent thieves from nosing around your files. The best deal of the bunch is easily the regular 500GB T7, which comes in at a incredibly good value £60 – that’s £27 cheaper than what it cost over Prime Day, and one of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for an external SSD.

The 1TB T7 is also a very tempting £110, again beating its Prime Day discount of £158 by quite some margin, while the 2TB model is down to another record-breaking low of £220, saving you over £100 off its usual price of £330 – which is what it’s cost for a good portion of the last six months.

The T7 Touch discounts also partially address one of Katharine’s issues with its fingerprint sensor-including cousin, namely that it was too expensive when it first came out. Of course, £75 for the 500GB model still puts it in premium external SSD territory, but it’s no longer the outright luxury that it was when it launched at £130.

No doubt there’ll be more SSD discounts to come, so be sure to check out our list of early Black Friday SSD deals as well as our regularly updated Black Friday deals hub.

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