Research shows weather has no effect on COVID-19


(WKOW) — At the beginning of the pandemic, there were hopes that hot summer temperatures could reduce its spread.

However, that did not happen.

New research revealed weather had no impact on coronavirus.

“Weather is neither a friend nor a foe,” said Dr. Dev Niyogi of COVID-19. “The choices that you make personally, they will determine your risk.”

Dr. Niyogi is a professor of geosciences at the University of Texas Austin. He led the study on COVID-19 and weather, and said it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside. The spread of COVID-19 depends almost entirely on human behavior.

“It’s essential because it brings a message of hope that just because we are going to get into a colder season, does not mean that it is going to get much more messier,” said Dr. Niyogi.

The data showed that individual actions like taking trips and spending time away from home were the top reasons for COVID-19 growth.

Temperatures and climate really did not have an influence when compared to other factors.

Dr. Niyogi said personal choices and social behaviors are the best ways to lower risks of exposure to the virus right now.

“I would look at what data says, what science says, and I would hope for a dash of good luck,” he said.

Scientists have said influenza can survive longer at low humidity and low temperatures though, so doctors still fear a twin pandemic.

An increase in indoor activities during the winter can also increase the spread of COVID-19.

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