Our favourite 5TB external HDD is down to £87 for Black Friday


The closer we get to Black Friday, the bigger the deals become, and nowhere is that more true than our favourite external HDD, the 5TB WD Black P10, which has now fallen to a new record-low of just £87 in the UK, and $95 over in the US. In the US, that’s the same as it was during Prime Day last month, but in the UK it’s gone that bit further, beating its Prime Day price by another £13. If you need to expand your PC’s storage banks, this is a brilliant way to do it.

Of course, an external HDD isn’t going to be nearly as fast as an external SSD, for example, but there’s simply no beating the WD Black P10 when it comes to price. Indeed, at £87, that’s less than 2p per GB you’re paying here, compared to the 15p per GB you’ll pay for, say, the 500GB Samsung T7 Touch, which is also down to a record-low of £74 for Black Friday (for more SSD deals, see our Black Friday SSD deals hub).

Naturally, you’ll spend a lot less time twiddling your thumbs waiting for files to transfer with the T7 Touch, but the Black P10 isn’t as slow as you might think. In my tests, its transfer speeds were roughly half that of its SSD rivals, which is pretty good going considering how much cheaper it is. In weighing up cost versus speed, I think I’d be okay waiting a little bit longer.

Alas, only the 5TB model of the Black P10 is on sale in the UK and US right now, as the 4TB model is actually more expensive at £93 / $104, while the 2TB version is a decent, but less good value £63 / $65. The identical Xbox versions of the Black P10 are even more expensive, too, so make sure you don’t accidentally put one of those in your basket instead.

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