New Crucial Ballistix deals cut the cost of upgrading your RAM


If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your PC with some new RAM recently, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Crucial are joining in the Black Friday festivities with discounts on several fast-clocked Ballistix DDR4 RAM kits.

You’ll find more great RAM deals in our dedicated Black Friday RAM deals hub, but the highlights from the current crop of discounts are definitely this pair of dual-channel kits listed below, with both 16GB and 32GB flavours of their RGB-topped Ballistix sets for those of a more ostentatious persuasion. Neither of them are what you’d call starter kits, but this could be a good chance to upgrade if you’re still on 8GB (or, you poor thing, 4GB).

Crucial Ballistix kits like these sit between Crucial’s basic memory and the Ballistic Max range, which is built for extreme overclocking. While this means regular Ballistix kits have smaller heatspreaders and lower out-of-the-box speeds, they’re perfectly fine for most gaming rigs, and actually come with lower latencies than Ballistix Max memory. These particular 16GB and 32GB kits on sale also come clocked at a very respectable 3200MHz, a few steps up from the base 2400MHz models.

Alternatively, if you can’t stand the sight of RGB lighting, then HyperX also have two all-black Fury kits for a little bit less this week. There’s the 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz Fury set for $61, and a 32GB (2x 16GB) 3200MHz option for $120. Personally, I’d go for the 16GB kit out of the two, as this is more than enough RAM for gaming; you only really need 32GB if you’re going to use the same PC for media editing, encoding and CAD work, and even then you’d need to be alt-tabbing between them to get the full multitasking benefit.

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