Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon have VR support for most headsets


(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft Flight Simulator was rightly a bit of a sensation when it released earlier this year, helping people who’d just spent a summer locked indoors to see sights around the world to a gob-smacking level of fidelity and accuracy. 

When Microsoft Flight Simulator first launched it, there was the promise of VR support for the HP Reverb G2, with the hope of more in future. Now that hope is becoming reality. 

In a recent developer interview session, Martial Bossard, the Executive Producer of the game took some time to reveal details about the next update coming to the game in December. That update, known as Sim Update 2, will bring support for virtual reality headsets to a wider market. Boassard stated that VR support would be enabled for “all headset families” – which means the HTC Vive line-up and Oculus Rift S and Windows Mixed Reality headsets too. 

Of course, we already know that Microsoft Flight Simulator is fairly taxing, even in its standard form. So you’ll need a fairly beefy gaming PC in order to be able to appreciate it in VR as well. 

This and more was discussed in Asobo’s latest Q&A video, which is lengthy and pretty in-depth, but you can hear more about the process by watching what the developer has to say. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings.

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