Mayo Clinic launches COVID-19 vaccine trial registry


ROCHESTER, Minn. (WXOW) – Mayo Clinic opened registration for a COVID-19 vaccine trial on Monday in preparation to test potential vaccines.

Though doctors and scientists throughout the world said AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines show significant promise, the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Task Force is opening online and over-the-phone registration to test other drugs.

The goal is to find another possible vaccine so pharmaceutical companies can distribute it for everyone in addition to emergency distribution.

“Assuming those successful outcomes hold up, the challenge is going to be to distribute those vaccines to the majority of the world’s population and that is going to be a logistic challenge and a supply chain challenge.,” Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Research Task Force Dr. Andrew Bradley said in a virtual press conference on Monday. “So even though these three vaccines are showing efficacy there will be a need for more vaccines.”

While the world waits on emergency vaccines, Mayo Clinic COVID-19 vaccine registry Dr. David Phelan said they want to prepare for trials at the Rochester, MN campus.

“The registry is not just for Minnesota residents although Mayo Clinic Rochester is the only site right now that we are aware of for vaccine trials,” Dr. Phelan said. “It’s also important to have a spectrum of ages as well. The registry is really going to help us screen those people.”

Dr. Phelan said their study includes a number of approved hospitals nationwide and globally because they will need 30,000 participants.

“The treating teams will have in-depth conversations with participants and explain everything that is known about the safety of the vaccine,” Dr. Badley said. “All of the potential complications of the vaccine which so far based upon our existing studies suggest the risks are very very low.”

People interested can register online or call 507-293-3383

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