Interactive Map: COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – A new interactive map shows the potential for exposure to COVID-19 around the country.

The COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool is an effort of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory, and Stanford University.

The tool gives users the opportunity to select various event sizes, from 10 to as much as 5,000, to see what the potential is for encountering someone who is carrying the COVID-19 virus.

The researchers said that based on the data, they’re assuming there are ten times more cases than being reported. The page also said that in places where testing might be available, that rate may be lower.

The map is updated daily with new data on the number of cases for every county in the United States.

For example, with a gathering of ten people in La Crosse County, the percentage of risk that someone is COVID-positive is 41 percent as of November 13. In Jackson County, the risk is 59 percent.

Increasing the gathering figure to 25 increases the risk to 73 percent in La Crosse County and 89 percent in Jackson County.

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