Grab our favourite 1TB SSD for £90 with this early Black Friday deal


As the early Black Friday deals onslaught continues, one discount that particularly caught my eye as I was browsing through Ebuyer’s fresh batch of early bird Black Friday deals today was my much-beloved 1TB WD Blue SN550 SSD, which is now down to £90. While not quite as tantalising as its fleeting Prime Day low of just £85, it’s been several weeks since this excellent 1TB NVMe drive was this cheap, as it’s been at least £95 or above for the last couple of months.

Still, as early Black Friday SSD deals go, this is definitely one to keep an eye on. Indeed, while Ebuyer’s early bird Black Friday price means it shouldn’t go any lower on Ebuyer, there is a chance that other retailers (such as Amazon) may dip even further as we get close to the big day itself on November 27th. Amazon have currently matched Ebuyer’s early bird Black Friday price on both the 1TB and 500GB WD Blue SN550, but haven’t included in their own early Black Friday deals promotion just yet.

In truth, I’d be surprised if the 1TB model went any lower than its Prime Day price of £85, so if you want to avoid Amazon at all costs this Black Friday season, then the Ebuyer price is still likely to be a pretty good one all things considered. After all, we’re only talking a potential difference of around £5 for the 1TB model, which I myself would be more than willing to pay if it meant keeping clear of Amazon.

Amazon have also price-matched the 500GB model of the WD Blue SN550 as well, which is down to £57. This size capacity fell to £50 over Prime Day, so still has potential to fall further at other retailers as we get closer to Black Friday proper – although again, not by particularly much in the grand scheme of things.

I will, of course, be rounding up all the best Black Friday SSD deals over in our regularly updated hub if you’d rather wait and shop around a bit, but as I’ve said on many previous occasions, the WD Blue SN550 is a really exceptional NVMe SSD for the money and one of the best value drives around right now. It’s my number one recommendation for those after a top notch gaming SSD that doesn’t break the bank right now, and it also has excellent random read and write speeds for everyday desktop tasks, too – which you can read more about in my WD Blue SN550 review. It’s not the fastest NVMe drive around, but it’s much better value for money compared to its expensive PCIe 3.0 rivals.

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