Got a new PS5? This is how to save 50% on a year’s PlayStation Plus subscription (US accounts)


(Pocket-lint) – Have you managed the almost impossible-seeming feat of actually securing yourself a PS5 this holiday season? Whether you braved the pre-orders weeks ago or managed to land one on launch day, we salute the effort.

One thing that’s shared between both PS5 and PS4 owners, though, is that to take any of your games online to indulge in some multiplayer action you’ll need to stump up for a PlayStation Plus membership.

Sony’s online membership is an absolute must-have for console owners, but it can feel a little bit like a tax each year as the full price is siphoned out of your account – or, if you go monthly, it can get even more expensive. 

That’s why the smart money is on taking yourself to Eneba to pick up a membership for 50% off, slashing the price and ensuring that you get what you need without having to budget for it. It’s a lifesaver.

Using our exclusive code, 50OFFPOCKET, you can get 50% off the full price of $59.99 right now, which is even better than some of the Black Friday deals you might see flying about elsewhere. It only works for US accounts but will give you a simple code to input to activate the membership. 

It’s that simple, and you’ll reap all the benefits that come with the membership, including the ability to play online but also those delightful free games each month.

Plus, if you are indeed the lucky owner of a new PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to take advantage of the brilliant new PlayStation Plus Collection, a ready-made library of some of the very best games from the PS4 generation.

It includes the likes of God of War, Days Gone and The Last of Us Remastered, to make sure that you get a chance to play through some of the most unique and successful games of recent years, on new hardware that runs them absolutely beautifully. 

Eneba’s codes are all from resellers that have really clearly showcased trust ratings, too, so you can be completely confident as you shop that you’ll be getting a working code – with many of the vendors having average ratings of over 99.8%, showing how well the experience goes for everyone. 

It’s enough to make sure that you never overpay for your membership again, and should save you enough to get a whole game from the digital store if you want – that’s the sort of saving that we love. 

So, head to Eneba now to use the code 50OFFPOCKET to get yourself a dead cheap PlayStation Plus membership and spread the news so that your friends can get in on the action. It’s the perfect time of the year to land this sort of deal and save some cash. 

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