Get your cyberpunk fix in House Flipper’s new DLC today


Ah, November 19th. The fateful day that CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to grace our screens. It won’t be doing that, though, because it’s delayed until December 10th. As a consolation prize, however, you could play a little bit of House Flipper. In a move I’m sure is no mere coincidence, it’s adding a free cyberpunk DLC today – complete with a new futuristic apartment, loads of cyberpunk-themed furniture, and a skin that makes your hands look all techy.

House Flipper, as the name implies, is a game in which you clean, tidy and flip houses. It can be quite a relaxing affair – the opposite experience to Cyberpunk 2077, I imagine.

This new DLC adds an apartment in “Neo-Tokyo” which used to belong to a hacker, obviously. Judging from the trailer some of these new furniture items include giant neon signs, retro arcade machines and some very uncomfortable-looking metal chairs.

If you use your imagination a bit, there’s nothing stopping you from pretending you’re a house flipper making a living in Night City. It’s not quite as exciting as V’s lifestyle, but dystopian places probably need interior decorators, too, right? All the flats that get trashed by those neon gangs need to be fixed by someone, I suppose.

House Flipper’s free cyberpunk DLC comes out on Steam later today (at around 6pm GMT / 10am PT).

For more cyberpunk #content, take a look at the video from this week’s Night City Wire, which follows old Keanu through Cyberpunk 2077’s futuristic metropolis.

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