Everything You Need to Make Holiday Cookies With Your Family


One thing that won’t be changing this holiday season: the time-tested tradition of baking cookies at home with your family. And once you’ve assembled the basic cookie ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder) and yummy add-ons (chocolate chips, frosting, crushed candy canes), it’s time to make sure you have all the kitchen tools you’ll need.

From the right measuring cups to the perfect festive cookie cutters, there’s actually a lot to think about when it comes to cookie baking. We’ve created a handy guide of the essentials, including a can’t-miss deal on the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer and a baking sheet you’ve probably seen on Instagram.

Plan to make several extra batches this year, because Christmas cookies make an easy, budget-friendly gift for friends, family and people you just aren’t sure what to get. Plus, instead of hosting a holiday party, you can organize a cookie swap with friends — exchange the baked goods as well as the cookie recipe.

As for those recipes you use? There’s always something special about making a family recipe from scratch — but there’s nothing wrong with taking the quicker route, either. If you opt for a pre-made mix, we love the classic Betty Crocker sugar cookie and gingerbread mixes as well as this organic chocolate chip mix from Annie’s.

Whether this is your first year of baking Christmas cookies or you’re a pro who just wants to upgrade a few supplies, here’s everything you need to bake endless batches of delicious holiday cookies. 

These gorgeous rose gold measuring cups and spoons are engraved with their sizes and designed for both dry and liquid ingredients.

Shop this iconic KitchenAid mixer, available in two colors, while it’s still in stock at Bloomingdale’s. The appliance comes with a pouring shield, coated flat beater, coated dough hook and stainless steel six-wire whip.


OXO Cookie Scoop, Medium

Williams Sonoma
Yes, you could use your hands to scoop the cookie dough out of the mixing bowl, but then you’d be more tempted to eat it and then there would be fewer cookies. Use this scoop, available in small and medium sizes, to create batches of perfectly uniform cookies.

The Met Store

Met Sketches: Christmas Cookie Cutters Set

The Met Store
The Met Store
If your annual trip to NYC didn’t happen this year, you can still get a taste of the city ahead of the holidays. Show your support for the Metropolitan Museum of Art with these cookie cutters designed by illustrator Rebecca Clarke, part of the Met Sketches line.

Great Jones

Great Jones Holy Sheet

Great Jones
Great Jones
This is not your typical sheet pan that rusts and warps within a few months. A best-seller from the NYC-based cookware startup Great Jones, the Holy Sheet is made with aluminized steel and reinforced with steel rods to help it last longer and has a nonstick ceramic coating that allows for easy cleanup. Plus, that distinct blue color is ideal for showing off your baked goods on Instagram.

If you’re working with a baking sheet that doesn’t have a ceramic coating, here’s your solution. An alternative to grease and parchment paper, this silicone baking mat turns any pan into a nonstick surface. It’s a must-have for every baker!

Di Oro
Sturdy nonstick spatulas allow you to flip, transfer and serve your cookies with ease. These are also great kitchen tools for whipping up all kinds of eggs.

Nordic Ware
Who knew cooling racks could be…cool? We love how this one saves space when it’s in use (thanks to the double tier) as well as when it’s being stored (the layers easily unsnap so you can slide them in a drawer).

You don’t need to be a kid to marvel at the “magic” of this motion sensor cookie jar. Just wave your hand and it’ll open, inviting you to devour all those baked goods you just made.

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