Destiny 2 finally adds crossplay next year


Next year, it won’t matter if your mates are playing Destiny 2 on PC, or console, or even (should they so fancy) Google bloody Stadia. Bungie today announced that crossplay is coming to their magical moon-wizard shooter sometime next year, tucking that news away at the end of a new blog post alongside seasonal release dates for returning strikes, raids, and the long-awaited arrival of transmog for the fashion-conscious Guardians out there.

Today’s Dev Update is largely concerned with power and rewards – namely, addressing concerns that Beyond Light’s loot pool was a bit tiny, and that some weapons in the current infusion cap lineup were unobtainable by brand new players. The post goes on to talk about ways they plan to amend this (with a bucket-load of new weapons next season and in subsequent releases, mostly), but it’s the bullet-point rundown at the end of the post that really caught our eyes.

See, Bungie have now confirmed that cross-play will be coming to Destiny 2 sometime this year. That’s full, play with folks regardless of what platform they’re on crossplay, a good step beyond the game’s current (and slightly fiddly) cross-save system that lets you take your characters over between platforms but locks you into the playerbase of whatever device you’re on at the time.

Cross-play wasn’t the only highlight of today’s post, mind. We finally have confirmation that transmog (a system where you can slap the appearance of clothes you like on whatever gear you fancy) will arrive in Season 14. There are even a few work-in-progress screens that, while subject to change, show a rather crisp and clean interface for switching up your wardrobe.

And a closer look at our dashing young warlock’s shader collection.

Before that, next season will see a few old strikes (Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil’s Lair) from the first Destiny make a return, while the Vault Of Glass will also open its doors sometime in the coming year. It’ll be the first time us PC folks get a shot at ’em, but hey – with cross-play, you might be able to rope in some console veterans as guides.

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