‘Dancing With the Stars’: Kaitlyn Bristowe Hugs Carrie Ann Inaba After Rave Review — Live Updates!


Dancing With the Stars is paying tribute to some of music’s biggest names! This week, Dancing With the Stars is celebrating Icons Night, and ET will be following along the whole time.

The remaining seven celebs and their pro partners will be hitting the dance floor to honor some of the most iconic artists, with routines paying homage to performers like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and more!

ET is following along for the entire two-hour spectacular, and breaking down all the biggest dance numbers, best scores and most memorable moments from Icons Night.

The fun kicks off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and you can watch along with ET’s live blog, right here!

Kaitlyn and Artem Give Us a ‘Toxic’ Tango

5:40 PM:

Kaitlyn and Artem hit the dance floor once again — no doubt bracing themselves for whatever score they’re going to get from Carrie Ann — and deliver a smooth, elegant and romantic number that outshines all others this evening.

Performing and Argentine Tango set to Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” the 

Bruno praised the dance’s “luscious shapes,” while Carrie Ann gives them a sanding ovation.

Carrie Ann even gives the dancers a hug (which is likely a COVID protocol violation), but it’s something that needed to happen.

The flawless routine was awarded a flawless score — three 10s for a total of 30 out of 30. This marks only the second perfect score of the season!

AJ and Cheryl Are Royalty

5:31 PM:

AJ loves Freddie Mercury, so he really goes all out with a cape and crown as he hits the stage for his Viennese Waltz with Cheryl Burke, set to Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

The number begins strong, but as Bruno suggests, AJ is so pumped up at the start that he got a little jumbled up and the dance ended up missing quite a few steps and suffered from a number of minor errors that added up.

The scores weren’t nearly as bad as the judges’ feedback seemed to suggest they would be.

The pair end up earning a 7 and two 8s for a total of 23 out of 30.

Nelly & Daniella’s Scores

5:23 PM:

Despite the missteps, Nelly’s performance is so good and so much fun he still manages to score all 8s for a total of 24 out of 30!

Nelly & Daniella Dance a 2Pac Jazz Number

5:20 PM:

Nelly’s icon of choice is 2Pac, and he and Daniella hit the stage for a jazz routine set to “California Love.”

The number begins with Nelly coming out and pulling off a standing back-flip that is just mind-blowing.

The number in general is fantastic and fun and wild and endlessly entertaining, and the judges all feel a connection to the performance.

While Nelly is the first to admit that he missed a few steps and made a few mistakes, there’s a whole lot to love in general for the routine.

We’ll find out the scores after the break, because of course we will. Ugh.

Justina is Crazy for Madonna

5:10 PM:

Justina says she was wildly inspired by Madonna, so it only makes sense that they would want to honor the pop superstar on Icons Nights.

Justina and Sasha hit the stage for a rumba set to Madonna’s “Crazy for You” and they deliver a sweet, heartfelt performance that impressed the crowd.

“You look amazing tonight, very sexy, very powerful,” Carrie Ann marvels.

Derek and Bruno are impressed with her versatility, but felt the performance could be more dynamic.

The pair end up earning three 8s for a total of 24 out of 30.

So Many Iconic Costumes!

5:02 PM:

Wow! It’s Icons Night, and if the costumes the celeb couples are wearing are any indication, stuff is going to get wild!

Last week, Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and her partner, Gleb Savchenko, were eliminated at the conclusion of the Use Your Vote Night — while Jeannie Mai was forced to withdraw from the competition due to a medical emergency.

Check out the video below for more on last week’s surprise-packed episode.


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