Black Friday 2020 SSD deals: all the best early NVMe and SATA deals


Black Friday week has arrived, and with it several new SSD deals that have never been better. Amazon have the pick of the bunch, slashing prices of Samsung and WD SSDs even lower than their previous Prime Day discounts, but there are still plenty of other Black Friday SSD deals going on elsewhere if you’d rather shop around. To help you cut through the noise, I’ve gathered together all the best Black Friday SSD deals you can grab right now to avoid the rush, including many of our best SSD for gaming picks at never-before-seen low prices.

Regardless of whether you’re after a deal on the best SATA SSDs or mega discounts on super fast NVMe SSDs and portable SSDs, you’ll find all the best early Black Friday SSD deals right here. I’ll be updating this article with more and more SSD deals as and when they go live, so make sure to keep this page in your bookmarks so you can keep up to date with all the latest info.

To help make things nice and easy, I’ve split the deals up into the best SATA deals, best NVMe deals and the best external SSD deals so you can find exactly what you’re looking for with a simple click. All you need to do is click the category you want and you’ll be whisked down to the relevant part of the page.

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Black Friday SSD deals (UK):

Best SATA SSD deals:

Crucial MX500 deals:

Some fantastic deals on one of the best budget SATA drives around here, the 250GB model of Crucial’s MX500 is currently at an all-time low price, beating last year’s Black Friday price and what it cost over Prime Day. Ditto for the 1TB and 2TB models, which also have sizeable discounts. The 500GB offer is less good, dropping by just a couple of quid, and has been cheaper in the past. At this price, you’re better off with the £53 Samsung 860 Evo below.

Samsung 860 Evo deals:

An oldie but a goodie, the Samsung 860 Evo is our number one SATA SSD recommendation. The 500GB model is the same as what it cost over Prime Day, while the 2TB model is down to a new all-time low of £190.

WD Blue 3D NAND deals:

A great budget option for those after a massive SATA SSD, the WD Blue 3D NAND is currently £50 off its usual price. It wasn’t on sale during Prime Day, but this is still the cheapest it’s ever been.

Best NVMe SSD deals:

Samsung 970 Evo Plus deals:

The Samsung 970 Evo Plus is one of the fastest NVMe SSDs you can buy right now, and at these prices, it’s a fantastic buy. The 500GB model is £4 cheaper than it was over Prime Day, while the 1TB model has an even bigger discount of £20 off its Prime Day price. It’s never been cheaper, making it more competitive than ever before.

WD Blue SN550 deals:

At £80 for 1TB, our favourite budget NVMe drive is astonishingly cheap right now, beating its previous Prime Day price of £85. Ebuyer still have the best price on the 500GB model, but I’ve yet to see anyone beat Amazon’s mind-boggingly good deals on the 250GB and 1TB versions.

WD Black SN750 deals:

The second fastest NVMe drive after Samsung’s 970 Evo Plus, the WD Black SN750 is the more upmarket brother of the Blue SN550. The 500GB model is a great buy right now, with Overclockers UK’s early Black Friday price matching its all-time low Prime Day price of £65, as is the 1TB model, which beats Amazon’s Prime Day discount by £15, making it the cheapest it’s ever been. Those after a proper Black Friday bargain would do well to consider the 2TB model, too, which beats its previous all-time low price of £300 by a whopping £85. Similarly, the 2TB Heatsink deal is another great deal at the moment, beating its Prime Day price by £65.

Intel 665p deals:

One of Ebuyer’s early bird Black Friday SSD deals, this drive is pretty cheap as 1TB NVMe SSDs go – and it hasn’t been in stock on Amazon for months. You can currently import one from Amazon US for a similar price, but if you want to get it straight from the UK, this is the place to get it from.

Best external SSD deals:

Samsung T7 deals:

Samsung T7 Touch deals:

One of the fastest and best value external SSDs you can buy today, the Samsung T7 and its fingerprint sensor-enabled T7 Touch sibling are incredible buys at these prices – particularly the 500GB T7, which is an astonishingly low £60 right now. That’s £40 cheaper than its usual price, and £27 lower than its previous all-time low Prime Day deal. It’s a great buy.

Crucial X8 deals:

Another top class external SSD, the Crucial X8 is a great alternative to the Samsung T7. It’s not quite as diddy as the T7 and T7 Touch, but it supports the same USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard and has exceptional transfer speeds and read and write speeds, beating its Samsung rival. The 1TB model is a particularly good buy now, being £14 less than the T7, but Samsung still has the edge on value at 500GB and 2TB.

Samsung 870 Qvo review

Black Friday SSD deals (US):

Best SATA SSD deals:

Samsung 860 Evo deals:

Samsung’s 860 Evo is still the best SATA SSD you can buy right now, and Newegg will be shaving $50 off the 1TB model from November 23rd. This beats its previous all-time low price during last year’s Black Friday sale over on Amazon by $10 – although it’s possible Amazon may have their own deal on it as we get closer to the big day.

WD Blue 3D NAND deals:

A great budget alternative to the 860 Evo, Newegg’s upcoming deal on the 2TB model of this SATA drive is another pretty tasty discount. It dropped to the same price over Amazon Prime Day, giving you another chance to pick up this fantastic deal.

Best NVMe SSD deals:

Samsung 970 Evo deals:

A new all-time low for the 1TB model of Samsung’s excellent NVMe SSD, this is a great price for one of today’s best SSDs for gaming.

Samsung 970 Evo Plus deals:

More all-time low prices for Samsung’s newer 970 Evo Plus SSD today, and in a wider variety of sizes than the original 970 Evo. It’s the best NVMe SSD you can buy for your gaming PC right now, but it’s still quite expensive compared to its also very good competition from WD.

WD Black SN750 deals:

Newegg look like they’ll have the best 1TB WD Black SN750 deal this year, dropping to a new all-time low of just $116. Previously, its lowest price was $120 over on Amazon, although it’s possible Amazon may well drop prices again closer to Black Friday.

Crucial P1 deals:

Crucial’s P1 SSD is a great value NVMe drive, and $180 is a great price for a whopping 2TB of storage. This deal will only be live on November 26th-27th, according to Newegg, so you’ll have to wait until then to get it as this price.

Best external SSD deals:

WD My Passport SSD deals:

It may only support the slightly older USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard compared to the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds like the Samsung T7 Touch below, but the WD My Passport SSD is still a very fast (and great value) external SSD in its own right, particularly compared to Samsung’s older T5 Portable SSD.

Samsung T5 deals:

Samsung’s T5 portable SSD is becoming increasingly scarce these days, but it’s still a fast external SSD for gaming, and a great budget option to the newer T7 below (although given Best Buy’s prices for the T7 at the moment, you may as well spend the extra $20 in all fairness).

Samsung T7 deals:

Both Amazon and Best Buy have got the 2TB model of Samsung’s latest external SSD for a new low of $250 at the moment, beating Amazon’s previous price of $320 and its RRP of $360 by quite a significant margin.

How to get the best Black Friday SSD deal

Speed is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new SSD, and many of the drives on my best SSD for gaming list have excellent read and write times – and I’m not just talking about the crazy-high sequential times you’ll see plastered all over an SSD’s box, either. These can often reach up to thousands of MB/s, which may sound like good news, but in practice it’s not a very good indicator of what kind of speeds you’ll get in day to day use. That’s because most SSDs read and write data randomly, sticking bits here and there all over an SSD’s storage blocks.

As a result, an SSD’s random read and write speeds are really what you should be looking out for when selecting your next SSD, which is why I place such an important emphasis on them in my SSD reviews.

Another important consideration is capacity. The minimum size SSD I’d recommend these days is 250GB, as this will give you enough room for your Windows installation (around 20GB), a few big games, plus all your music, photos and any other creative / productivity programmes you might need. If you’d like to have more than a couple of big titles installed at once without compromising on load times, however, you may want to consider finding the cash for a 500GB or 1TB SSD.

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