BioWare confirms Mass Effect Legendary Edition – remasters of the original trilogy coming 2021


(Pocket-lint) – Some of the most beloved roleplaying games ever, BioWare’s original Mass Effect trilogy has had legions of fans asking desperately for a remastered run-through for ages now, and it looks like the folks at EA and BioWare have been paying attention.

For this year’s N7 Day, an annual celebration of the franchise, the long-rumoured remaster has finally been announced, in the form of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which will bring together the three games and all of their respective additional content and expansions into one package. 

BioWare says that these are not remakes or reimagining – they’re closer to remasters, with updated textures and visuals letting players play at higher resolutions and with steady framerates, including optimisation for 4K gaming.

The collection is initially planned for current-gen consoles and PC, although BioWare says that it’ll be forward-compatible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and have planned enhancements for those more powerful platforms. It’s due out Spring 2021, so we’ll hope to learn a bunch more by then, including hopefully some glimpses at actual gameplay in the near future. 

The blog post announcing the collection also has the juicy tidbit to end on that BioWare also has a team working on an entirely new Mass Effect game, accompanied by a single screenshot that could easily just be concept art. There are no more details to speak of, so we’d assume it’s way off being revealed to the public, but it’s reassuring to know that such an interesting universe isn’t being left out in the cold, even after the somewhat lacklustre Andromeda a few years ago. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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