Atari Hotels concept looks like Cyberpunk 2077 in real life


(Pocket-lint) – First announced back in January 2020, we already knew that Atari – in partnership with GSD Group – was getting into the hotel game, intending to offer gaming-inspired experiences in its planned future accommodation.

But nine months on and these new concept images of Atari Hotels are so out of this world that they look more like Cyberpunk 2077‘s hyper-colourful landscape is set to become a reality.

The reason for that is Gensler – a leading architecture, design and planning firm – being behind the concept. The company’s vision is as next-gen as the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 – despite being based around the 80’s classic Atari – and is aimed at “the gamer in all of us”.

GSD Group/Atari Hotels

So what can you expect from Atari Hotels? This future reality, schedule for launch around the USA, will include “retro gaming and esports venues, immersive entertainment, mixed reality programming and digital studios”, according to the official Atari Hotels website. Plus, but of course, a place to sleep – in “stylized rooms inspired by great science fiction stories”, no less. 

By the time Atari Hotels is a reality we might all be occupying a more Cyberpunk 2077-like world anyway, so these out-there concept images might just seem like the new normal. But what a stunning vision it is indeed – and certainly better than a Pong or Centipede hotel, eh?

Writing by Mike Lowe.

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